You can download the Meal Plan Request Form here

For Students Living in Residence Download and fill out a Meal Plan Request Form email your filled out Meal Plan Request Form or, bring it to the Residence and Housing Office (Residence Admin. Bldg. A1001) Students in Residence will have their meal plan charges added to their student account For Students Not In Residence Not a Resident? No Problem! The meal plan is for everyone. Just make sure that when you fill out the Meal Request Form, you check the correct box. For more details, see below. Fill out the Meal Request Form and bring this form, your Student ID card, and payment to the Residence and Housing Office – located down the stairs below the Dining Hall. SFU students may have the meal plan added to their SFU student account. For Non Students Not a student? No Problem! The meal plan is for everyone. Payment will be required at sign-up with your Meal Request Form. Purchase your plan through Residence and Housing if you have a SFU ID card or FIC student card. (Anyone without a SFU ID card will need to purchase their plan through the Dining Hall as they will need to create a card for you).

If you are living in the Towers, you are on a required meal plan. You will be automatically set up on the 7 day basic plan. Submit the form to upgrade or adjust your plan. Living in McTaggart, Shell, Hamilton Hall or Townhouses? You too can sign up for a meal plan if you wish!

If you are on a meal plan, you can opt to get one meal in lieu of a meal at the Dining Hall at either the DAC (during the DAC buffet lunch time) or at Discovery Café.

Yes, you can opt for a lunch in lieu of a meal at the Dining Hall at either the DAC Lunch Buffet, see schedule or at Discovery Café. 

Also, if you are going to be off campus, you can request a take-out lunch bag meal at the Dining Hall front counter. 

Other than the take-out lunch bag option listed above, Dining Hall is a “dine in” 24/7 venue. All food should be consumed at Dining Hall. Meal plan holders are permitted to take-out one of the following: piece of fruit or small baked good (cookie) or ice cream cone or coffee (in own cup). 

No, removing cutlery and dishware is not permitted, they are intended for use within Dining Hall only. SFU promotes sustainability by using re-usable cutlery and dishware in Dining Hall. When these items are removed it can results in higher meal plan costs. 

If you have removed any cutlery and dishware, please return it. No questions asked. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Meal plan holders can print up 20 free pages daily from your lap top while at Dining Hall. Download Papercut software (instructions are located at the Dining Hall printer). 

For dietary & allergy concerns please see our onsite executive chef and sous chefs or you can make an appointment with Chef Tanya at (778) 782 7083 Monday to Friday. 

If you have any feedback you can reach us via myDtxt at: 604-229-0073 

No, transferring of cards is not permitted; however, the Residence & Housing office is now open 24/7. You can obtain prove of meal plan enrollment which will allow you temporary access to the dining hall until you recover or replace your student card. 

When you replace your student card please inform the dining hall, so they can update your new barcode to the meal plan data base.